My Journey

Well, this is a first. I am blogging. Bare with me! As you have probably heard, I’m leaving Nashville for a bit. Here’s my first attempt to inform you about what’s going on…

Looking back on my walk with Christ the last 8 years has been amazing. To see how God has put the pieces together for His plan for me is a modern day miracle. Five years ago I was in worship service at Brentwood Baptist Church. Some South African man named John Thomas was preaching. He was the founder of an organization in South Africa called Living Hope which I had never heard of. In his closing remarks he challenged us to do something in service to advance God’s Kingdom. The next week I started teaching in the Children’s ministry. I found a passion that had been in me my entire life working with children. During this time, me and some college buddies were in bible study together. I had talked with them about wanting to do something “bigger” relating to service. Amy Carter (Brentwood’s Children Minister) came to me one Sunday morning to say God had laid it on her heart to ask me to go on VBS mission journey to South Africa. I politely blew her off! I shared this with my buddies in bible study that week. To my surprise, they were quick to remind me of my desire to do something more and this invitation didn’t sound coincidental. I emailed Amy that night to say I was in. Since then I have been on five short term mission journeys to South Africa ministering in the same township. I have developed a passion for these children and the work that Living Hope is doing. In August of 2013, God called me to go serve long-term in South Africa. This calling was everything short of an audible voice and would love to share this with you if you’re interested. A blog wouldn’t give it justice! This was the first time in my life I understood what surrendering to the Lord felt like. The peace of being obedient to God’s call is refreshing and gives me confidence and hope. I am so thankful for the clarity I received that night. Unfortunately, God had to be that clear for me to be obedient because this decision has lead to sacrifice. The peace and joy of knowing God is control is making this a lot easier. I am so fired up and excited about what God has planned. I will move to South Africa in September to volunteer as a Life Skill Educator for Living Hope. I’ll be working with kids and teenagers. I’m looking forward to building on relationships already made and starting many more. What’s my mission? Simply put, allow God to communicate and work through me to give kids and teenagers the hope they can have through Jesus Christ. Stay tuned, more to come!

3 thoughts on “My Journey

  1. Dustin, I’ve only known you for 8 years now. And I can honestly say that you are a down to earth and honest man. I have gained strength and hope from you on several occasions when you had no idea that I was in the valley. You have touch my life in a very positive way, as I know you have touched others. I want to thank you for all that you have done for me. And I hope that I can help to give you support while you are serving The Lord in Africa. I think that you are so courageous in taking this mission. I can’t honestly say that I would be courageous enough to pick up and leave life as I know it to embark on such a journey. I am very proud to know you and to call you my friend. I know god will bless you and watch over you. You have encouraged me to do more to serve The Lord. Thank you, David.

  2. Justin, May God be with you. I’ll keep you can my prayers. There’s a guy I work with that also goes to Brentwood and will be coming to serve. His name is Brandon.
    Small world. I hope you and Brandon meet, it helps to have people you know away from home. You’re just a blessing. Love you, Kathy.

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