The Mystery of A Dress

Had to share this moment I had today. For my friends and family who wouldn’t understand; this sums up some minor issues I’ve been having. I’ve learned to roll with it. It’s really entertaining!

Friend- Dustin, can you do me a favor?
Dustin- sure, what’s up?
Friend- I need a lift. Can you take me to Muizenberg? I need to get a dress.
Dustin- Sure! No problem let’s go. (It’s only about a mile down the road). What do you need a dress for? (Made some jokes about going to a party or something)
Friend- Haha! (a kinda fake haha?) well, first I need to go to the lady’s house to get a dress.
Dustin- Oh, okay. Do you need to get the dress altered or something?
Friend- Yea, but I need to get a dress from the lady’s house first.

This is when I got the hint that this couldn’t be done now so we agreed to do it the next day.

Next day:

Friend- Dustin, can you take me now.
Dustin- sure, did you get the dress?
Friend- yes
Dustin- okay, let’s go
We get in my car but she didn’t have a dress.  I’m really confused at this point.
Dustin- so tell me about this dress! (I’m not understanding why she just can’t tell me what’s going on?)
Friend- It’s just a dress I need to get sorted
Dustin- Okay, well just tell me where to go. (getting the impression she doesn’t want to explain the dress)

We get to the place and I drop her off. She tells me she will just be about 10 minutes.

30 minutes later

Friend- I’m so sorry Dustin, the guy was on tea break so it took longer
Dustin- no problem, so did you get the dress sorted?
Friend- yes
Dustin- so please tell me what this dress is all about?
Friend- It’s nothing, I just needed to get a dress sorted
Dustin- so where is the dress, I’m really confused!
Friend- I’m really confused too!
Dustin- why can’t you tell me about this dress? Are you going to wear it for something?
Friend- No, not a dress! I’m getting an ADDRESS sorted
Dustin- now it all makes sense! geeez!!!!

The Mystery of A dress was solved. We were both relieved!

We laughed the whole way back.

It’s fun making memories due to my language barrier. It can be frustrating at times. While most folks from here speak English, no one speaks Tennessean. Tennessean is my native tongue.  Before I tackle Afrikaans, I need a crash course in hearing English pronunciation!



One thought on “The Mystery of A Dress

  1. Hey Bro, really missed you this Christmas but we all know you are doing powerful work. As you know I am no good with this mushy crap but you are in our thoughts and prayers and can’t wait to see you in June.

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